Data Breach Detection

Whether from an attack or human error from an employee, third party, or contractor, data exposure is inevitable. Digital Shadows stottack technologies prevents your company from a data breach online by continuously monitoring the broadest range of open, deep, dark, web including technical and close sources. Get high-confidence coverage with accurate alerting to your exposure.

How does stottack technologies help-

  • We proactively identify credentials and sensitive data exposure online and automates manual processes such as credential validation and takedowns. Quicken response and mitigations to threats to your customers and employees such as account takeover, credential compromise, or exposed sensitive documents with our easy-to-use solution.

Detect sensitive data with breadth and depth-

  • Continuous monitoring across the widest breadth of sources including domains, online file stores, public code repositories, criminal forums, closed sources, marketplaces, messaging channels and paste sites.
  • Scan online file stores for exposed documents including Amazon S3, SMB, FTP, Rsync, CDN’s, Web Index folders, and domains.
  • Stay on top of ransomware data leaks including clear, dark web, and closed forum postings in several languages and Twitter reporting.

Reset exposed credential-

  • Detected exposed credentials against our repository of over 24 billion credential pairs and continuous monitoring of online sources, including closed forums and technical sources.
  • Automate validation and triage with our AzureAD and Okta integrations, reducing time to investigation and uncovering valid credential pairs quicker.

Launch takedowns efficiently with automatic or managed takedown options directly within stottack technologies.

Reduce time to investigate -

  • Investigate instantly with rich context including file metadata, a timeline of changes, and IP reputation scores and more.
  • Reduce time and skills necessary for prioritization with automated risk-scoring based on transparent risk factors and real business impact.

Augment DLP tools-

  • Identify protectively marked documents that become exposed online, providing a stop-gap against existing solutions.
  • Orchestrate defenses with your existing solutions with Integrations and unlimited API usage.