Online Brand Protection

Attackers exploit your online brand for phishing schemes, impersonating your brand and executives online to defraud customers, harvest credentials, or spread disinformation. Digital Shadows stottack technologies proactively identifies instances of brand or executive impersonation, allowing you to react faster. Launch takedowns and prevent damages to customer trust or loss of account credentials.

How will stottack help you?

  • We¬† continuously monitor online for brand, company, and executive impersonations, ensuring your brand is secured across the broadest range of open, deep, and dark web sources including technical and closed sources. Neutralize threats to your customers and employees such as business email compromise, phishing sites, and disinformation campaigns with rich context to your exposure. Launch and track takedowns in as little as fifteen seconds with our easy-to-use solution.

Detect impersonators -

  • Detects impersonators across all mediums, including spoof domains, key personnel, company accounts, and mobile app impersonations.
  • Launch managed or templated takedowns leveraging Stottack technologies rich context.
  • Get real-time takedown status in the Activity Log, synchronizing teams with no need to move between platforms.
  • Orchestrate defenses with your existing solutions with Integrations and unlimited API usage.

Secure your brand online?

  • Monitor across the widest breadth of sources including domain registries, certificate transparency logs, phishing feeds, social media posts, profiles, pages, messaging channels, and more.
  • Detect in real-time instances of brand abuse including unauthorized logo use, malicious brand mentions, keywords, hashtags, referencing content, associated content, and more.
  • Receive accurate, high-confidence alerting with filtering by proprietary technology to raise only the alerts you care about.
  • Get high-priority site coverage including add-on analyst services for LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

Investigate Instantly -

  • instantly investigate impersonators with rich context included in each alert MX Record, DNS Record, WHOIS, Screenshots, Logos in content, HTML analysis, and more.
  • Bring clarity and organization to triage with risk-score prioritization based on transparent risk factors and real business impact.
  • Reduce time and skills necessary for prioritization with automated analysis of risk of exploit and potential business impact including data visualizations of risk.
  • Save your inbox through custom email notifications by selecting risk scores minimums or risk factors your organization cares about.