Social Media Monitoring

Attackers leverage social media for phishing schemes, impersonating your brand and executives online to defraud customers or spread disinformation. Digital Shadows stottack technologies proactively identifies brand and executive impersonations, through immediate detection and takedown services your teams can circumvent damage to customer trust or loss of account credentials.

How does stottack help?

  • We continuously monitor social media sites for security teams to protect their company, brand, and executives. By identifying malicious brand, company, and executive impersonations of your organization as well as threat actor mentions and data leaks, stottack technologies ensures threats to your company name and brand(s) online are proactively mitigated.

Detect impersonators on social media

  • Accurately identify malicious impersonations of your company social media accounts and key executives with clear risk factors and rich context including associated imagery, referencing content, and more.
  • Detects instances of brand abuse with confidence with comprehensive and continuous monitoring across social media sites, forums and messaging channels in several languages.
  • Investigate instantly with risk-scoring and rich contextual information such as profile creation date, assets, mentions, recent activity, and account screenshots.
  • Reduce security alert noise with high-accuracy filtering by proprietary technology to raise only the alerts you care about and allow-listing features to eliminate false positives.

Secure your online brand -

  • Reduce time and skills necessary to execute on takedowns with our Managed takedown services leveraging stottack technologies rich context directly within the platform.
  • Work with total awareness with real-time tracking of takedown status synchronizing your teams in stottack technologies.
  • Orchestrate defenses with your existing solutions with turnkey integrations and unlimited API usage access.

Monitor threats to your company

  • Gain insight from security researchers publishing details of data breaches through company mentions on Twitter and online security communities.
  • Track discussions around zero-day vulnerabilities and breaking security news.
  • Stay privy to Hacktivist campaigns and imminent threats with data visualizations of campaign activity and analyses of threat actors targeting companies in your geographic area and industry.