Hacking Protection

Impersonating domains pose a high risk to your organization by leveraging your company name to harvest credentials or defraud customers. Slight variations to your domain names aid attackers in avoiding detection. Digital Shadows stotteck technologies proactively detects all relevant instances of domain impersonation, including typosquat and combosquat domains, and allows teams to launch takedowns faster.

How will stottack help you?

  • Stottack technologies reduce the time and manual process necessary to takedown impersonating domains through quick, accurate detection and automated actions. Leverage proprietary technology to get high-confidence coverage and strengthen your defenses.

Detecting typoscott or comoscott

  • Detects various typosquatting methods immediately after registration, including character replacement, transposition, homoglyph, replacement, punycode, and TLD variations.
  • Continuously monitor across the widest breadth of sources including domain registries, certificate transparency logs, phishing feeds, and social media posts.
  • Reduce security alert noise with high-accuracy alerting with filtering by proprietary technology to remove 95% of domain alert ‘noise’, raising only the alerts you care about.

Automate domain alert triage-

  • Automate up to 75% of domain alert triage with auto-rejection rules based on risk factors such as Parking Page detection, No Associated Content, or No Impersonating Content.
  • Reduce time to triage through batch actions on alerts with alert grouping
  • Save your inbox with highly configurable email notifications based on risk scores or selected risk factors your organization cares about.

Intently investigate domains-

  • Investigate instantly with rich context including MX Record, DNS Record, WHOIS, Screenshots, Logos in content, HTML analysis, and more
  • Bring clarity and organization to triage with risk-score prioritization based on transparent risk factors and real business impact.
  • Reduce time and skills necessary for prioritization with automated analysis of risk of exploit and potential business impact including data visualizations of risk.

Launch Take down fast.

  • Respond faster to domain impersonators with managed or templated takedowns leveraging stottack technologies rich context launched directly within the platform.
  • Get real-time takedown status in the Activity Log, synchronizing teams with no need to move between platforms.
  • Reduce time and skills necessary to execute on takedowns with our Managed takedown services.
  • Orchestrate defenses with your existing solution with Integrations and unlimited API usage.