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We are a prominent data science firm and leading provider of AI-powered solutions.

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Stottack Technologies is a prominent data science firm and leading provider of AI-powered solutions, headquartered in the vibrant city of Pune, India. With a dedicated team of data scientists, engineers, architects, analysts, and designers, we specialize in offering customized data AI services to a diverse range of industries, including Marketing & Advertising, E-commerce, Supply Chain & Logistics, Fintech, and Digital Health. .

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We thrive on collaboration and welcome projects of any complexity. Together, we will develop new systems, solutions, and products that will give you a competitive edge. Trust our experienced team to deliver exceptional outcomes and help your business succeed. Let’s join forces and unlock the full potential of collaboration for your success.

AI Consulting

Our consulting and development services in artificial intelligence will equip you with the necessary tools to excel in your industry.

AI Software Development

We deliver customized, high-impact AI software, data science, and big data solutions to meet your business needs.

AI Mobile App Development

Harness the power of AI-infused mobile application development services to captivate your users and catapult your earnings.

Custom Experience Consulting

We're a top consulting firm using AI and machine learning to transform customer satisfaction.

Data Science

Benefit from our cross-functional data science and analytics services that leverage cutting-edge technologies and extensive capabilities

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